Ana Maria Pacheco
Shadows of the Wanderer, 2008

Sculpture, polychromed wood
260 x 390 x 605 cm
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Chichester Cathedral 2016
Shadows of the Wanderer is to be installed in the North Transept
of the Cathedral from 16 July to 14 November 2016

Ten over life-size figures crowd close together and stand as looming shadows behind a young man carrying an older man on his back. This group recalls the tale of Aeneas, who carries his father Anchises from the ruins of Troy, but it also powerfully resonates with current issues, particularly the displacement of people.

The young man at the front of the sculpture group, fleeing from something we cannot see, carries nothing but his father – his past, his identity – and it was I think a stroke of genius that Ana Maria has carved both father and son out of the same piece of wood. This man literally cannot leave his past behind, but must take it with him. And that young man is about to step off the plinth and be among us. How are we going to react? Now, today, as this displaced man and his family arrive in our church?  What will we do? Will we behave with justice and with love?
Neil MacGregor, ‘Faith, Justice, Art’, Sunday 21 November 2010
From Faith, Justice, City, a series of sermons and addresses for Advent organised by the Church of St John the Evangelist, Waterloo to accompany the exhibition: Ana Maria Pacheco | Shadows of the Wanderer, 2010.

Shadows of the Wanderer | St John’s Church, Waterloo | 29 Oct-23 Dec 2010
Faith, Justice, City was a series of sermons and addresses focusing on London’s diverse resident and transient communities and the issues of faith, justice, equality and civil interaction that impact on all.  Shadows of the Wanderer was the centerpiece of this series and was chosen because of its resonances with war, dispossession, refugees and hope.  Speakers were Loretta Minghella (Chief Executive, Christian Aid), Jehangir Malik (Director, Islamic Relief UK), Neil MacGregor, (Director, British Museum), Kate Hoey MP, Rt Revd Richard Cheetham (Bishop of Kingston), Revd Clare Herbert (Inclusive Lecturer, St Martin in the Fields) and Canon Giles Goddard (St John’s Waterloo).  The addresses were given during Sunday morning services at St John’s Waterloo.

Discussion | 29 November 2010
A wide-ranging discussion about the questions raised by Shadows of the Wanderer took place at St John’s Church between Ana Maria Pacheco, Xavier Bray (Curator of The Sacred Made Real at the National Gallery, London, 2009; currently Chief Curator at Dulwich Picture Gallery, London), Karen Armstrong (author) and Neil MacGregor, Chair (Director of the British Museum to December 2015).

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