Ana Maria Pacheco, The Misfortunes of a Sardine – Sardine Arrives, 2003. Drypoint


Marius Kociejowski
Artists, Exiles, Londoners

GOD’S ZOO depicts a journey through the world cultures of contemporary London. More specifically, it records a series of encounters with individuals who, although otherwise very different from each other, have three things in common. They are all displaced from their origins. They have all become, in some sense, Londoners. And they are all creative artists. Drawing on many hours of recorded conversation, but distilled with a poet’s eye for form and for the telling detail, GOD’S ZOO weaves its story from many stories, each chapter gaining resonance from the others.

One of these encounters is with the Brazilian-born sculptor, Ana Maria Pacheco. Her journey began when she arrived in London more than forty years ago and her story has been skilfully narrated by Marius Kociejowski through a series of eight drypoints she made in 2003,
The Misfortunes of a Sardine.

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